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How To Dress For Presentations

I often get asked what you should wear for an important meeting or how to dress for presentations. Ask yourself, how do you want to come across to your audience? Formal or casual, authoritative or approachable?  What will your audience be wearing? You don’t want to alienate them through being too formal, but you want … Continued

Tying your tie? Get an app.

Hey guys, no excuses, there’s now an app showing you how to tie your tie! Choose your weapon – Windsor, Kelvin, Oriental or the simple Four in Hand. You can even learn how to tie your own Bow Tie – a life skill we all need. Your tie reveals more than you think. Just from … Continued

Presenting? Project the right image!

For men and women, your image in presentations is vital to get right, not only to make a good first impression, but also to help keep your audience focused throughout. So what should you wear? You want to feel comfortable. Start thinking about it well in advance, to avoid last minute clothing tantrums – your … Continued

Proofreading is so underrated!

I recently arrived in Germany for a training session an hour earlier than necessary. Why?  Because of a simple typing error! No big deal (although an extra hour in bed would have been nice) only an hour, and luckily I was early not late. This must be happening all the time.  With results that could … Continued

Air Con? What Air Con? How to keep cool.

It’s been hot the last couple of weeks in London, at last!  And last week I was in New York – well if you think it’s hot here, New York was roasting!  Usually in offices the air con does it’s job, but certainly in New York it was struggling, and what happens there often follows … Continued

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