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The Art of Articulation

    Part of being a great communicator is “clarity”. Part of achieving clarity is articulation. Part of improving your articulation is practising your diction. We forget that the voice is a muscle. We call it an articulator. Just like any muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it will be. This clip shows … Continued

RIP Robin Williams, a Great Listener

  I love this clip for many reasons. Robin Williams was one of the greatest comedians on the planet, and he will be sorely missed by many, many people. The art of improv is truly an amazing thing to watch, and he certainly was one talented individual. The fast pace! The laughter! The admiration! Wouldn’t … Continued

Equality in Leadership

If you’re familiar with The Avengers series of films, which started with Captain America, you might also be familiar with the Wonder Woman controversy. Wonder Woman appears in the line-up of the avengers, but unlike most her male superhero counterparts, she hasn’t gotten her own movie. That isn’t because she’s some sort of diva – … Continued

A Smarter Kind Of Flexibility

You’ve heard the old tale. Two people are walking through a field. They come to a gigantic brick wall as tall as the sky that spans from one side of the horizon to the other. The first person backs up and slowly begins banging their head against the wall, hoping to knock it down. The … Continued

Papa Values

Values are a person’s principles or standards. They are what you or I hold to be important in life or in work. One person may prize a steady work ethic. Another may value across-the-board honesty over all else. Another may look for loyalty. When I consult with clients at Working Voices, one of the first … Continued

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