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How To Manage A Mistake When Presenting

Presenting, whether it is to a few colleagues or a huge audience, can be a daunting experience, and one seemingly full of pitfalls. A potential mistake and slips of the tongue could occur anywhere. Here Henry gives his advice on what to do if you make a mistake when giving a presentation: Experts make mistakes … Continued

9 Dos & Don’ts of Presenting

Henry Caplan explains what you should and shouldn’t do during your next presentation.   1. Do – Manage your nerves Often our nerves are internalised. There is always a difference between our perception of ourselves and how others see us. Sometimes this perspective can help with nerves as well. So seek out feedback from people … Continued

Executive Presence: Speaking With Conviction

A simple step to speaking with conviction is the elimination of low status words and phrases. Kind of Sort of Just (as in “I just want to suggest”)   To be clear, in everyday casual communication, there is nothing wrong with any of these words. But when you want to speak with conviction, the words … Continued

Coaching Leadership and the Myth of the Magic Bullet

Whispered in the hallways of corporate training facilities all over the globe is the demand for a magic bullet. A secret ingredient or special sauce that is going to unlock the keys to leadership, mastery of Emotional Intelligence, or developing executive presence. I see well-meaning conscientious professionals scouring the bookstores. Eagerly devouring the latest leadership … Continued

Impact: Not Just What You Say But How You Say It

  Watch the video here.   Here’s proof that when we want to create impact, it isn’t just what we say but how we say it! How many times have we heard the same boring content, communicated in the same boring way? Time to do something to wake up your audience…Oh wait…Richard Branson beat me … Continued

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