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The Power and Pitfalls of the Anecdote

I recently read a very interesting article on the BBC news website. It concerned the rise in the use of anecdotes by politicians in the UK. In the modern political landscape the need to hold the centre ground and win the support of the middle classes has meant the difference between the parties has become … Continued

Time and tide and great customer service…

There is a saying that ‘time and tide wait for no man’. This was bought to mind recently when I noticed that the reading glasses I started to wear for the first time only a year ago, already needed new lenses. Ah well, ces’t la vie! So I headed off to see an optician. During … Continued

A Knight to remember

Anyone who has read my biography will know that I also dabble in the world of showbiz. Towards the end of 2012 I had the chance to produce and direct a short play which was being recorded for radio. A couple of the challenges I faced brought me directly into contact with the techniques I … Continued

A Dictionary isn’t just for Spelling

I recently found myself delving into my faded and worn copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. Yes, it’s true; despite all the online dictionaries and the fact that you can type anything into Google these days and it will give you a billion answers and options, I still like to have an old fashioned paper … Continued

It’s the little things…

Reputations, once tainted, can cause significant, long-term harm to a brand. No surprises there I’m sure you would agree. But it’s not just the big, bad PR disasters that can cause reputations to crumble. Sometimes small, seemingly insignificant things can have a much more insidious effect on how we perceive an organisation and its brand. … Continued

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