Foundation Presentation Skills

Do you give presentations as part of your role?

Whether you’re speaking to large or small groups, within your company or outside, giving a presentation calls for confidence, poise and persuasion.

It’s common for people to have feelings of doubt as they present: is your presentation interesting? Are you coming across as being awkward or lacking in confidence? Is your audience with you or are they thinking about what they’ll be doing at the weekend?

All of these feelings can hijack what should be a rewarding experience and create a miserable one instead.

But with this foundation course you’ll discover how to overcome these feelings.

Learning goals

This practical course focuses on areas such as:

  • Preparation and relaxation
  • Tonality and clarity
  • Energy and focus
  • Body language and gestures

This seminar is vibrant, fun and highly rewarding and is followed by focused 1:1 coaching for each participant, plus includes access to Working Voices Digital.

If you want to present with confidence, this is the course for you.

“Getting the message across exactly as you want – to individuals and groups and at all levels”

Foundation Presentation Skills Course Detail


To provide you with the technical and emotional support you need to get your spoken message across successfully every time.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you’ll be able to deliver your message attractively, persuasively and confidently to individuals and small and large groups – internal, external, all levels.
Do you worry whether your presentations are interesting and successful; whether you might be coming across as awkward and lacking in confidence? This training teaches you how to overcome your concerns. It’s about the easy-to-remember steps you can take to become a proficient presenter – FAST. And the emphasis is on the practical.

Course Content

You’ll learn in demystified, plain language, the essentials for a confident, effective, appealing presentational style:

  • Relaxation: Dealing with emotional and physical tension when presenting. Dealing with nerves
  • Attitude: Finding the right mindset and exploiting it to connect successfully with the audience
  • Tone: Showing your how a change in vocal pitch affects the mood of the presentation
  • Energy: Finding the right level of energy for any topic and achieve greater impact with the audience
  • Emphasis: Creating interest by highlighting key words
  • Diction: Demonstrating how articulation, a pace and projection create a dramatic impression.
  • Focus: Dominating an audience with your eyes. Just one of the things to be learnt under this heading
  • Body Language: Saying less but conveying more; controlling your body linguistics – sitting, standing, gestures
  • Preparation: Knowing the ways to prepare 1) in everyday circumstances 2) when there’s real time pressure
  • Rapport: Connecting genuinely with the audience – big or small.