Advanced Presentation Skills

Understand your audience’s values and they’ll start to see things your way

Like all the best ideas, it’s simple.  Get on the same wavelength as the people you’re speaking to and straightaway you’re both in persuasion mode.

But how do you get to know someone’s positive values – their compassion, honesty, integrity, altruism, humour, pragmatism – and how do you appeal to them?

That’s where the simplicity lies.  You start with questions and allow what you learn to encourage the discussion and shape the argument.

Learning Goals

During this session you’ll learn genuinely persuasive presentation techniques:

  • Using questions to structure your delivery with your audience in mind
  • Holding your audience’s attention with a compelling style
  • Concluding your presentation with a call to action that works

And you’ll learn something else too: how to put it all into action in real time. The session concludes with a debate where you – and all you’ve learnt – will be put to the test.

This course includes access to Working Voices Digital.

“Understanding your audience’s values and the part they play in making your presentations persuasive”

Advanced Presentation Skills


To show you how to make your presentations unfailingly persuasive by seriously addressing the needs and values of your audience.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you will know – and be able to use effectively – advanced persuasion technique founded in genuine rapport with the audience.

The essential pre-work to presenting persuasively: understanding what makes the audience tick; understanding how to get them to see things your way; “being present in the moment” and its contribution to making your presentation compelling; concluding so that the message sticks and is acted upon; all topped with a practical presentation exercise designed to confirm understanding.

Course Content

Introducing Advanced Presentation Skills:

  • The formula for Great Presentations; the importance of persuasiveness and succinct messaging to modern audiences in a sound-bite culture – and the close connection between the two
  • Warm-up Presentation with each participant presenting a 1 / 2-minute story

Before, During and After the Presentation:

  • Before – Preparation, Knowing your Audience, Structure and How to Relax
  • During – Introductions, Body Language / Achieving Congruence, the Q&As, the Conclusion
  • After – The Who, What, Where and How you should proceed after presentational event
  • Examples, discussion, exercises

Working Break

  • Preparation for upcoming business preparations in small groups

Individual Presentations

  • Delivery of individual practice presentations, video, role-play, coaching and group feedback