Leading with Impact and Presence

Creating a positive impression on others will lead to positive outcomes.

The way you engage with others, present yourself and communicate will determine how others react to you.

If you come across as being confident and authentic, those positive values will be reflected by those around you, helping you achieve your goals and those of your company.

Learning goals

This course is divided into two distinct sections:

  • Delivering your message clearly to create an impact
  • Developing a powerful personal presence

By the end of this leadership development program, we will help you grow in confidence by developing valuable communication skills that build rapport with others.

This highly practical seminar is engaging and fun.

Followed up with a 1:1 coaching session for each participant and access to Working Voices Digital, you will go away with a toolkit founded on confidence and authentic values to help you make the impact you want.

“Engaging people, showing credibility and gravitas and maintaining interest and attention”

Leading with Impact and Presence


To show you how to influence others and situations positively, maximize the positive impression you create, and acquire a positive and confident presence.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you will have a toolkit founded on justified confidence and authentic values to create the impact you want and the presence you need.

We all need to create Impact and Presence. We all need to know how to engage people, show credibility and gravitas and maintain interest and attention. That’s what this training is about. And our method? Increasing confidence; developing the communication skills to allow rapport-building with the people we want to influence; understanding the importance of – and living – the VALUES that matter. The emphasis is on the practical and the training is in two distinct sections:

  1. Delivering your message effectively and knowing the right mental attitude, vocal tone and body linguistics to create; IMPACT
  2. Practising the right mental and physical behaviours to develop personal PRESENCE.

Course Content


  • Becoming truly authentic
  • Recognizing the needs of your audience
  • Finding the right levels of energy
  • Showing passion and achieving impact


  • Remaining consistent under pressure
  • Saying the right things through body language
  • Projecting authority through voice
  • Projecting authority through voice
  • Building Rapport
  • Practising the techniques for success