Executive Presence

Would you like to be that person?

You know, the one everyone stops and looks at when they walk into the room. The one who can command the attention of an audience with ease? The one who’s confident enough to share their ideas knowing they will be listened to?

With our Leadership Training for Executive Presence, you can be that person.

In business, creating a lasting impression, the ability to maintain relationships and to connect with others, is vital.

Learning goals

This training is built around six specific elements:

  • Working Voices EP Model
  • Defining EP
  • Owning EP
  • Projecting EP
  • Exemplifying EP
  • Consolidating all of the above by practice

By combining their power you will unlock the secret to influence others, build relationships and make an impact.

So, if you want to discover how to inspire loyalty through a genuine air of warmth and authenticity, this is the training for you.

“Developing a personal, authoritative style that creates loyalty and respect”

Executive Presence


Our Leadership Training will give you the interpersonal skills essential to creating a strong and sustained Executive Presence.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you will have the toolkit to impact upon and influence others – and build relationships – through a personal, authoritative style that creates loyalty and respect.

Executive Presence is the XFactor. Those who have it radiate confidence, poise and authority. They know how to connect with others. They build on their own strengths and are genuine.

Executive Presences is about consistent, long-lasting impressions and the ability to create and sustain relationships. It’s about others perceiving you as strong, convincing, direct and committed. It’s about being seen as someone who commands a room and commands attention by communicating clearly, concisely and honestly. It’s about being unafraid to voice your ideas.

In short, Executive Presence is about the ability to inspire real loyalty and to convey an aura of warmth and authenticity to everyone from receptionist to CEO, internal client or external.

Course Content


  • Tailoring the agenda
  • Exploring self-awareness and perception of others

Defining Executive Presence

  • Breaking Executive Presence into its core components
  • Applying to real life challenges
  • Understanding the impact of authenticity

Leadership Arc

  • Uncovering your executive story
  • Cementing your leadership qualities
  • Generating your executive future

Projecting Executive Presence

  • Communication masterclass


  • Presenting your leadership manifesto