Advanced Personal Impact

When you’ve learned the Personal Impact basics you’ll be hungry for the next level. Welcome to the next level.

You’ve learnt the elements of Emotional Intelligence, Rapport Building, Body Language and the Voice. Imagine all four working for you in sync and at maximum intensity, then add in a real understanding of the personality types of the people you’re dealing with. Now you have the ingredients of Advanced Personal Impact. Now you’re on the road to dramatically enhancing your interaction with colleagues and clients.

Learning Goals

Advanced Personal Impact teaches all you need to know about:

  • Contrasting personality types and how to reach out to them
  • Conveying authenticity and building trust and connection
  • Developing your leadership strengths
  • Shaping your message exactly and instinctively * to your audience

* Instinctively means what it says. This training boasts role-plays which really will show you how to think on your feet.

This course includes access to Working Voices Digital.

“Employing real-life situations and role-play to understand the personality types and communication styles of others. And showing you how to handle those styles instinctively”

Advanced Personal Impact Course Details


To show you how to use Emotional Intelligence and knowledge of personality types to dramatically enhance your interaction with colleagues and clients.

Course Overview

By the end of this intensely practical training, you will 1) understand the personality types and thinking styles of yourself and others 2) know how to work with those types and styles to best advantage, instinctively.

Informed by Merrill Reid’s Personality Types’ Model (Driver, Analytical, Amiable and Expressive) and the Emotional Intelligence essentials (“Identifying, assessing, and managing the emotions of yourself, of others, and of groups”) this training moves discusses and tests the relevant theory then moves to the forum of real debate. And in the process it shows you how to think on your feet.

Course Content

  • Emotional Intelligence: Reviewing and practising elements of Emotional Intelligence through the prism of how it works in the real-life of a leader
  • Personality Recognition: Close, practical examination of Merrill Reid Communication Styles – what they say, how they behave and how to engage them
  • Powerful Communication: Exploring qualities to emulate and what makes for high status communication
  • Preparing a Presentation: Working singly or in a panel to prepare for a short, real-world presentation or communication
  • Presenting a Leadership Vision: Developing tactics for reading audience personalities, tailoring style and energy, and projecting authenticity.