Slide-deck Skills

MS PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are now permanently ensconced in the world of business presentations.

But many use them without really grasping their full potential as a means of communicating ideas, often leading to uninspiring presentations.

Working Voices will show you the correct way to use this technology to create a visual aide that will enhance your presentations.

Learning goals

Looking at both stand-up presentations in front of an audience and seated pitch-book deliveries, this course will cover areas such as:

  • How to plan your slide-deck
  • Devising your storyline
  • Getting the right visuals
  • How to practice
  • Making your presentation
  • Gaining feedback

By identifying your purpose, understanding your audience and developing a powerful storyline, you will create slide-deck presentations that inspire.

This seminar is followed up by a 1:1 coaching session with each participant.

At the end of the course you will have a practical knowledge of visual slide-deck techniques.

“Making your Slide-deck presentations work by using modern visual-slide and storytelling techniques”

Slide-deck Skills Course Details


To introduce you to the slide-deck skills you’ll need to get presentation message across to best effect.

Course Overview

By the end of this training, you’ll have a practical knowledge of modern, visual-slide technique.

Presentations / pitches are usually of

  1. the standing variety in front of an audience
  2. the pitchbook variety delivered sitting down

In either case assisted by a slide-deck and a detailed handout. They both require the same things at heart. A clear purpose; anticipation of the nature, needs and motivation of the audience; a logical storyline to guide your audience through your argument; powerful visuals that make the message stick; a plain-language style.

Course Content


  • The things preventing your slide-decks getting their message across effectively
    Purpose and Audience
  • Knowing your purpose, what you want to achieve, your audience’s needs – and what you want them to remember, and do

PowerPoint Writing

  • The key aspects of writing effectively for PowerPoint, from White Space to Active Writing

Story Structure

  • Different structures and how they apply to slide-decks, including
    • BLOT (Bottom Line On Top)
    • BICR (Background, Issue, Challenge, Response)

Faster Drafting

  • Techniques to help you draft your slide-decks more quickly, including “Word Chucking”, “Staying on a Roll” and Outlining

Better than Bullets

  • Modern slide technique: how words suggest visuals, curing slide clutter, turning data into impactful visuals, using summary slides.