Working Voices Digital is a self-paced learning platform for accelerating Interpersonal Skills Development, allowing HR/L&D to deliver comprehensive training to the entire organisation at all levels, direct to their desktop or mobile device, wherever they are in the world. Simple reporting & feedback suites as well as exportable metrics, make it the perfect tool for any busy HR or L&D department.

Empowering Innovation

Motivation on the go

Accessible at the touch of a button, Working Voices Digital makes learning easy, enjoyable and effective.

HD quality video

Inspiration, cutting edge and concise (no more than 30 secs to 3 mins long), all videos are condensed and expertly presented.

Cost Effective

At less than £10 or $15 /person/year for large organisations, we help deliver highly effective training at an affordable price.

Continuous Assessment

Engaging assessments appear regularly to evaluate progress and knowledge.

CPD certified

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 and accredits the Working Voices Digital courses.

Comprehensive reporting

Measure progress, engagement and ROI. Profile your entire organisation with minimal admin and fast set-up time.

  • Mobile
  • Modular
  • Motivational

The video library is available via a dedicated website and on any iOS or Android device via an App and currently contains around 430+ full HD videos, concise and dynamic at 30 seconds to 3 minutes each. The films are deliberately brief; the result is - they actually inspire learning. Busy people have no inclination to watch lengthy, long-winded, work-related videos.

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Structured Modules – Bite Size Videos

Excellent information design has been incorporated into the entire library, the courses are structured and presented in a logical sequence, commencing with core proficiency then building up to advanced skills. Every member of the workforce can find the right level to start at and then progress to his or her full potential.

Subject Matter Experts


Modular Courses


HD quality videos


Hours of expert advice

  • 'My Progress' Dashboard

    Each user can keep track of their progress throughout the library. At appropriate stages, the platform presents assessments to ensure the course content has been fully understood.

  • Client Dashboard

    The valuable data collected as users progress through the library is presented to administators via a central, master dashboard with clear visual schematics and exportable (.csv) metrics.

  • Talent Identification

    Since the content is so specific, the data collected provides a highly valuable means of identifying areas of strength and weakness and points to existing talent and talent in need of development.

Personal Impact
Personal Brand

Courses completed

Leadership Assessment
Personal Impact Assessment
Personal Brand Assessment


Apps for iOS and Android

The video library is available via a dedicated website and on any iOS or Android device via an App. It cannot be accessed without a corporate email address and password. Please use the buttons below to download.