Location: Brooklyn NY

The New York team of Working Voices taught the graduating class of Year Up Brooklyn 2011 and 2012 both Personal Brand and Emotional Intelligence. Wendy, Jennifer, and myself created modified courses to address the challenges these young professionals will face entering into professional internships as diverse as Citibank, J P Morgan, and Conde Naste to name but a few. I received the following email from a participant:

Hello Henry:

Hope all is well. My hat if I had one would go off to you for the phenomenal workshop you put together this past Thursday, January 26th, here at the Year Up – New York, Brooklyn site in the afternoon. As we gained insight about personal brand and emotional intelligence my greatest takeaway is ‘motivation erases all obstacles and creates sources of potential inspiration.’

Henry, the many lessons you’ve imparted upon us will serve as a cornerstone of inspiration and prove key to our success going forward, not only in our corporate careers, but in our day-to-day lives with family, friends and significant others as well. On behalf of my colleagues and dear friends here at Year Up – New York, thank you for your magical words of empowerment!

Best wishes and many kind regards,

On a personal note, this work is enormously gratifying and the participants were really quite extraordinary. They were highly motivated, incredibly enthusiastic, vocal and quite appreciative.