It’s not slowing down either – eLearning is still developing, still evolving and still growing.

These 6 corporate eLearning trends are changing the face of L&D as we know it:

1. Mobile Learning

It’s no surprise that corporate eLearning is taking over mobile when mobile is taking over so much else in our lives. When we live out our social lives on mobile, do our shopping and even our banking on mobile, the news that 74% of eLearning is now done on a mobile device shouldn’t come as a shock. The workplace itself is changing – working hours are becoming more flexible, remote working is becoming more popular and travelling for business is becoming normal so there is a need for learning to change too. The use of mobile devices can enhance the learning experience and help us to fit better training into our busy schedules by enabling learning on the go.

2. Data & Analytics

Data is changing the way we use eLearning and it is changing it for the better. Data is empowering Learning & Development professionals to become more analytical with their approach to corporate eLearning and allowing them to fine tune the learning experience for their users.

3. Personalised and Targeted eLearning

The growing use of analytics in corporate elearning has led to more personalised and targeted learning. Learning and Development teams can now see which courses are being completed or not completed, what people are good at and what they are not good at. The transparency of this information allows them to create a more relevant learning experience for their users and avoid wasted spend. Usually this data can be broken down by department, team or individual so the more granular the data the higher the level of personalisation can be.

4. Microlearning

The demands placed on employees in today’s busy workplace have created a need for small bitesize training modules which can be completed whenever schedules allow. A microlearning module should be short, concise and address just one new concept at a time. This method of training delivery caters for a short attention span, and has been proven to increase retention and engagement rates.

5. Video-based Learning

Video content has exploded in the last few years – last year, video accounted for 73% of global web traffic and that figure is set to rise even further in the next few years. It is estimated that by 2020 80% of all internet traffic will be video content. The popularity of video-based learning is undeniable. Whether you’re looking for a makeup tutorial, learning how to use new computer software or searching for workout tips, chances are, YouTube is your go to coach. Corporate training should be no different – video-based content is more persuasive, engaging and effective than other types of corporate eLearning. Video provides users with a practical learning experience and also supports the need for short bitesize learning on the go.

6. Focus on Life Skills

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is becoming more important for people to do well what robots can’t. As job roles are changing and becoming more fluid there is a growing focus on life skills, interpersonal skills & communication skills as these will help people adapt to change and succeed in whatever role the future shapes for them.

As a leading training provider, we take pride in our own corporate eLearning platform and always try to keep up with the latest market trends:

Our short, bitesize video content is available on desktop, tablet and mobile, with a specially designed app for easy access to learning on the go. We also have a tracking and analytics dashboard for both L&D and individual users to keep track of progress.

Furthermore, we have recently packaged our eLearning courses up into neat bundles for more targeted and effective learning. There are 8 learning themes to choose from and each focuses on a specific set of communication skills relevant to your business and your employees.

If you want to take personalised learning even further you can even build your own bundle with our mix and match option.

Talk to us today to talk through our training services and find the right training option for your business.

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