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Course Overview

Introduction & Objectives

What the session is about, your own global-communication challenges, and the outcomes you’re looking for

Virtual Communication Tools 1

Discussion, illustration and demonstration of the essentials of the interpersonal communication process

Virtual Communication Tools 2

Global team-working – the challenges arising from working in global groups, including the absence of visual clues

Leading Virtual Teams 1

Core skills for virtual-team leaders part 1 – from self-awareness and balance to insight, accountability and optimism

Leading Virtual Teams 2

Core skills for virtual-team leaders part 2 – from responsibility, empathy and relationships to behaving flexibly

Learning Outcomes

  • You’ll have learnt the skills necessary to make their communications with global colleagues work, whatever the communication setting.

  • You’ll know how to

    1. deliver clear messages via remote technology

    2. run effective virtual meetings and

    3. build rapport.

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What people said about our courses