The world is full of fascinating events and scientific observations that hinge on Interpersonal communication. From politics and business through to society and culture It is a subject that enthrals us every day. We want to share our observations with you in the form of our Blog. Please read, enjoy and comment.

  • WonderWomanV5
  • Equality in Leadership

    If you’re familiar with The Avengers series of films, which started with Captain America, you might also be familiar with the Wonder Woman controversy. Wonder Woman appears in the line-up of the avengers, but unlike most her male superhero counterparts, … Continued

  • Presence: How to get it
  • Kinaesthetic Presentations

    It’s easy to think that presentations are all about what you do aurally, but anyone familiar with Working Voices no doubt knows that body language is incredibly important too. Perhaps just as important is the ability to connect kinaesthetically with … Continued

  • Finger_pointing
  • Criticism & Projection

    Some people just love being critics don’t they? And whilst there is a great deal of criticism that is extremely valuable, and diplomatically worded, there’s an awful amount that is unnecessary and often nasty. Dr. Steven Berglas of Harvard’s psychiatry … Continued

  • 500px-Train_wreck_at_Montparnasse_1895
  • Failure Is Good

    I was reading an article on about leadership the other day, and it gave three pieces of advice on how companies can inspire leadership. The first little segment was entitled ‘Welcome Risk-Taking’. I couldn’t agree more. The risk-taking the … Continued

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