The world is full of fascinating events and scientific observations that hinge on Interpersonal communication. From politics and business through to society and culture It is a subject that enthrals us every day. We want to share our observations with you in the form of our Blog. Please read, enjoy and comment.

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  • Presentation Skills – Know What You’re Saying

    Yesterday on UK breakfast television, something went wrong, if only a little wrong. Whilst presenting the national weather, long time BBC weather report Carol Kirkwood seemingly pressed her plunger one time too many, resulting in the temperature chart reverting to … Continued

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  • Communication In A Digital World

    It’s probably no surprise to you to hear that digital communication is more important than ever before.  But it’s not just important to business. Barack Obama used social media to market his message extensively, carrying out what may well have … Continued

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  • How To Dress For Presentations

    I often get asked what you should wear for an important presentation. Ask yourself, how do you want to come across to your audience? Formal or casual, authoritative or approachable?  What will your audience be wearing?  You don’t want to … Continued

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  • Circles of Influence and Concern

    Should I worry about not getting enough sleep, or should I worry about quantative easing? Well, in the accompanying clip, which was shown to me by my colleagues Nick Fordham and Paul Hill, mountaineer and speaker Scott Kress talks about … Continued

  • Plato
  • When Expertise Is More Important Than Rhetoric

    If we’re to believe Plato, and we really should, we need Logos, Ethos, and Pathos to succinctly create an endearing argument. Essentially that boils down to; is what you’re saying logical, do people trust you and your argument, and are … Continued

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