The world is full of fascinating events and scientific observations that hinge on Interpersonal communication. From politics and business through to society and culture It is a subject that enthrals us every day. We want to share our observations with you in the form of our Blog. Please read, enjoy and comment.

  • Lady Justice
  • Papa Values

    Values are a person’s principles or standards. They are what you or I hold to be important in life or in work. One person may prize a steady work ethic. Another may value across-the-board honesty over all else. Another may … Continued

  • January 13th Michael-Bay-CES-Samsung-UHD-TV-635-telegraph
  • Michael Bay: Flight not Fight

    The movie just below is Michael Bay, director of blockbuster films like Transformers, walking off the stage of a Samsung TV Talk Tech Expo in Las Vegas because his teleprompter wasn’t working.  My level of empathy is very high and … Continued

  • Jennifer_Logue_2
  • The Big Three

    Recently I was coaching a client for an upcoming presentation. He’s smart. He knows what he wants to say and what he stands for. He’s good at his job and wants to keep strengthening his team’s skills. And he wants … Continued

  • Michelle Obama
  • New Year’s Resolution

    Over Thanksgiving vacation, my partner Gene shared an article he’d been reading at Brittney Cooper, a feminist author, was disagreeing with the assertions of a article by Michelle Cottle, another feminist author. The subject? Michelle Obama, and whether … Continued

  • Chloe Smith's interview with Paxman is now infamous.
  • Be Prepared

    Just like the scouts, you should always be prepared when going in for an interview, talk, when meeting clients, and generally when communicating with anyone. Nothing inhibits the strength of your personal impact like not knowing something you should know, … Continued

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