New York – So good they named it! Working Voices converges on the ‘Big Apple’ to deliver new training…

A truly exhilarating week in New York!

The Working Voices ‘Team America’ (!) were joined by teams from both Asia & London as we converged to deliver a whole suite of brand new training courses – to 200 newly promoted Associates flown in from all over the World by one of our major Investment Banking clients.

Working Voices MD Nick Smallman kicked off and contextualised the whole weeks training with a plenary presentation on Values & Personal Brand, before we all broke off into smaller groups to deliver the brand new courses.

Among the course highlights:

Techniques for Managers & Leaders: Exploring Management Styles; an exploration of “Communication Hurdles” – the ‘blockers and enablers’ to effective communication particularly when under pressure; Intrapersonal Communication: Techniques and insights on how to achieve the right ‘balance’ in managing oneself in particular; Defining personal Brand & Values; an exploration and individual practice with the GROW Coaching Model – and all culminating in an exploration of the techniques of how to handle and manage difficult conversations at work.

Influencing – How to be Listened to and Motivate Others: Truly excellent influencing requires a healthy combination of interpersonal, communication, presentation and assertiveness techniques – all of which techniques we specialise in training about here at Working Voices.

Our Influencing course – as its backbone – also draws upon the fascinating techniques & strategies explored in Dale Carnegie’s seminal book: “How to Win Friends & Influence People” plus Robert Cialdini’s “The Psychology of Influence”.

Other courses included Running Effective Meetings and Networking Skills

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about any of our new or established courses.

And to really get you in the New York mood – and don’t you just love it? – heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Frank!


New York: “What you gonna do?!” (How d’ya like them Big Apples?!)

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