Personal Brand: Why Is It Important?

Personal brand is a phrase that has been tossed around for quite some time in the world of training and image analysis. So what is personal brand?

Here one of our trainers, John, gives his own thoughts:

Like it or not, we all have our own brand; a personal “product portfolio” which we present to others the whole time. It will be a mixture of positive and negative elements that others see in us. And that’s the difficulty, because it is about the perception that others have of us, and as we know, that can differ greatly from person to person.

So the simple act of being late for a meeting can be seen by some as an indication of how busy you are and how important your work is; to others it will be seen as inconsiderate, rude, or even arrogant.

What is certain is, that how others perceive you will have an enormous say in you achieving the goals you have set yourself, both in your career and more generally in life.

For more information on how to approach about personal brand, and how to improve it, click here.

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