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If you’re someone who has to deliver presentations regularly this is a good art to master. Even the best presenters can struggle to engage their audience when delivering, but we’ll teach you what it takes to overcome this challenge.

Why this session ?

Sara Hollamby

Sara is Working Voices’ key deliverer of image management and media skills related executive coaching, and, during her 14 years with the company, she has also delivered global programmes for some of the world’s largest banking and financial institutions.

She has worked in broadcast and print journalism for many years, giving her valuable insights which have proved vital in both our presentation skills and business writing courses.

In workshops, one-to-one sessions and executive coaching, Sara passes on personal tips and gives her delegates invaluable skills needed for confident communication with their clients and professional success.


Masterclass Agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

Presentation basics

- Learn how communication works and preparing yourself for the audience. Explore presentation structure and take part in a group Q&A

Preparation mindset

- Discover how to relax your mind and body and how to build rapport with your audience..

Voice & Sound

- Learn how to achieve engagement through tonal variation. Master your pace, articulation and projection.

Emphasis & meaning

- Explore ways to create interest through highlighting key words, and find out how to maximise engagement via the use of energy.

Body language

- Learn how to use eye contact and body focus to say less and to achieve more.

What our clients say

The training was excellent – all attendees are raving about how engaging the session was and how much they learnt”


+ You understand the importance of a positive attitude and of practising your learned vocal and physical techniques so as to appear relaxed and knowledgeable.


+ Your confidence has grown through practice, video work, playback and group feedback.

Whats the outcome ?

+ You've developed the confidence, clarity and poise to present to anyone, anywhere.

+ You're able to present to individuals and groups effectively and confidently.

+ You know the body language to use to create a strong personal impact and make a memorable impression.

Presentation Skills

By Sara Hollamby 

Free webinar

Feb 16, 2023 13:00 GMT

(duration: one hour)