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Masterclass Agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

Attitude to Time

- An introduction to the session. Typical time-management challenges and the outcomes that can be achieved.


- Categorise work projects and the management of emails. Discover an effective decision making process and how to manage your energy levels.

Clarity of Time

- Keep focus and be conscious of priorities. Understand why you need to apply the principles of effective time management.

Use Time

-- Understand the use of the 4D decision-making tool and the importance of documenting your thoughts and progress.


- Plan next steps and create an individual action agenda.

What's the outcome ?

+ You'll be able to identify and manage common challenges to time management.

+By changing routines, you’ll be able to manage the impact that energy levels have on productivity.

+ You’ll recognise that you can’t manage time itself, only the actions you take.

+ By using time efficiently, you’ll consistently be able to deliver more effectively.

+ By prioritising tasks and managing your time, you’ll feel calmer and less overwhelmed.

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"The masterclass was excellent – all attendees are raving about how engaging the session was and how much they learnt”

"I would definitely recommend these webinars to anyone. I was so impressed with the delivery!"

"I attended one of these classes on presenting virtually and it was great, the session was engaging and interactive. "