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Ed Miliband: Nose Job or “Vocal Makeover”?

So, the UK’s opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has finally undergone his long-planned operation to correct a deviated septum. According to his office, it’s intended to help cure his recently diagnosed sleep apnoea. But the more waspish political commentators (i.e. most of them) suspect that Ed’s op is more of an extreme vocal makeover, … Continued

Authenticity & Passion: Two of the Greatest Qualities to Invoke as a Speaker…

Senator John McCain’s Concession Speech to supporters in November 2008 – arguably the best speech of his career: “The American People have spoken and they have spoken clearly”. In November 2008 Senator John McCain finally conceded defeat to Barack Obama after a long and gruelling Presidential Campaign. Ironically, from a speech-analysis point of view, this … Continued

CNN Correspondents live on Libya, Syria … Pause … wait for it …

Here are CNN commentators Fareed Zakaria and Eliot Spitzer in an engaging discussion on Libya, Syria, Unions and immigration.  This is taking place in front of a live audience and offers us the rare opportunity to see two media professionals in front of a live audience.  I’m struck by the contrasting styles of these two … Continued

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