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Is Personal Branding Still Important?

Is “Personal Branding” Busted? I was part of a discussion with a group of fellow coaches at Working Voices about whether our idea of “Personal Branding” needs to change. Suddenly it feels as if there is a reaction against strong personal branding in light of recent political events and attitudes and I think it deserves … Continued

What is personal brand?

Personal brand used extensively both inside the world of training and image analysis and beyond it. So what is personal brand? Here one of our trainers, John, gives his own thoughts:   Your personal brand is the powerful, clear idea that comes to mind whenever others think of you. It is built around your actions, … Continued

Papa Values

Values are a person’s principles or standards. They are what you or I hold to be important in life or in work. One person may prize a steady work ethic. Another may value across-the-board honesty over all else. Another may look for loyalty. When I consult with clients at Working Voices, one of the first … Continued