Tying your tie? Get an app.

Hey guys, no excuses, there’s now an app showing you how to tie your tie!
Choose your weapon – Windsor, Kelvin, Oriental or the simple Four in Hand. You can even learn how to tie your own Bow Tie – a life skill we all need.

tie app

Your tie reveals more than you think. Just from the colour or pattern you could be flamboyant, conservative, serious, or eccentric? Even the way you tie it, from a tiny, tight school-boy knot, to a big, loose, oversized Windsor-and-some knot. Is it perfectly tied and sitting centrally in your collar? Does the tip sit at the top of your belt? Is it hiding the top button of your shirt? Do you have a dimple? These things matter when you’re giving a presentation!

Ties keep your neck warm when its cold, and add colour to an otherwise dull business suit. How nice to bring the colour back to your face and eyes, making you feel good about yourself; so when you catch sight of your reflection you think, ‘looking good today ol’ boy’ and give yourself a smug smile.

So come on guys, if you’re going to wear a tie, go for a fine one. There’s no point wearing a tie that does nothing for you, or a cheap one that ‘you think you can get away with’. A good tie is all about the fabric, the colour, the pattern and the quality. It’s such an easy way of giving your winter suit that boost you’ve been looking for – not to mention your ego!

Oh yes, and get your phone out, and tie it perfectly!


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