A bit about Tom

As a former senior leader in education, and head of learning, Tom’s wealth of experience gives him a strong understanding of how to create and deliver information in a way that creates genuine change. Specialising in social and digital wellbeing, mental health, building resilience, and self-compassion in leadership, Tom has supported the development of leadership teams and staff at all levels in multiple sectors, including education, finance, engineering and marketing.

Tom’s approach is grounded in science and the psychology of human nature, combined with lived experience. He is a highly skilled trainer, and provides sessions on topics such as emotional intelligence and the impact of connection in the workplace. His sessions are typically described as relatable, engaging and impactful.

In addition to a PGCE and a BSc in Psychology, Tom has several qualifications in wellbeing and mental health training and development, including Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Workplace Wellbeing Trainer in a leading mental health charity, Mindfulness Trainer, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Clinical Hypnotherapy.

"As a result of strong recommendation, we were thrilled to work with Tom, who surpassed our expectations as he delivered his session on ‘Mindfulness and Self-Compassion’. Feedback was unanimously positive, to the point where we now have a fully booked event for next year, with Tom as our keynote speaker.”

Leadership and Education Consultancy