A bit about Marcus

Marcus is an educator and artist. His teaching and coaching style is energetic, focused, and caring. He combines his love of teaching and art – and his energy – to bring out in others their power to communicate brilliantly.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Speech from Morehouse College, a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Florida State University, and a Master of Science degree in Special Education from Hunter College. He holds two New York State teacher certifications and has studied in London with some of the world’s greatest voice and speech teachers. His gifts as a trainer draw upon this educational background and upon his experience as a Special Education teacher, Program Director of a non-profit organisation, and stage actor.

For instance, as a Special Education teacher, Marcus has led workshops on Learning Styles and the Autism Spectrum. As the Program Director of a non-profit, he’s led workshops on Creating a Safe Space in the Classroom and Navigating Prejudice Through Privilege. And as a stage actor he has toured the Eastern United States using improvisation acting to strengthen interviewing skills in graduating college seniors.

Others have described Marcus’ approach to teaching and coaching as “Energetic, fun, focused, and caring.” His own description is “Laugh while you learn; perfect your art (whatever your art may be); be open to all possibilities.” Add to the narrative a gift for empathic listening and a bank of real-world exercises, demonstrations and role-play, and you have Marcus’ style in summary.

To large or small groups and as 1:1 coach – and across the whole of the USA – Marcus trains for Working Voices in Presentation Skills, Personal Impact, Business Etiquette, Networking and Influencing.

Laugh while you learn; perfect your art (whatever your art may be); be open to all possibilities.

Marcus Johnson