Thomas Edison, Lucille Ball, The Beatles, Michael Jordan. Were they Motivated?

Hey Jordan, you’re just not cut out for the team. Incredible but that’s what he was told.

Time and time again throughout history the truly motivated have had to deal with set backs. Just look at the clip if you want reminding. When you’re truly motivated, there are no distractions, only sources to deeper inspiration. The sheer persistence and force of will it takes to succeed in the face of adversity can’t be bottled. However, the behaviors that foster a motivated work-force CAN be taught. It’s no accident that leaders are looking more and more to science to identify tools of motivation in order to get the best results from their people and to make it easier to excel.

In our course on Motivating and Inspiring in Business, we look at the tools of motivation and how to identify and eliminate demotivating behaviors that can derail the most well intentioned. We examine the science behind motivation and look at the connection between values and stories that inspire. Stories like the ones in the clip.

On a personal note, I’m inspired by excellence. I’m constantly looking for inspiration in every day experiences and I find them in the most unusual places. My latest discoveries are a cupcake on 2nd Avenue and the film “Hugo” by Martin Scorcese. The common denominator? They both strive to be the best they can be.

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