Music and Politics Really do Mix – The Power of Parallels

I wonder how President Obama would do with BBC 3’s Musicality Test just launched at this link?

Pretty well I would think. Listen to his set-piece speeches and you’ll hear a beginning, middle and end with the pace and sense of urgency of each section greater than the last. Then the conclusion where he reveals (and repeats) the message and memorable phrase he wants you to take away.

This compositional structure appeals to the brain in the same way a similarly-constructed musical composition appeals. Experts agree.

If you want to bring some of this musical magic to your own delivery, begin with The Power of Parallels (parallel structure) evident in these Obama quotes:

all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance …”

I made a different judgment … I thought our priority … I spoke out against … I worried about …”

Get the idea?

By the way, try the Test. You couldn’t do worse than I did!

(And check out Obama’s tie! It’s in Working Voices colours!)

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