Jessi Gormezano Based in New York


Qualifications & Experience:

BA in Performance, MFA in Performance, studied with master voice & speech teachers in the US & UK, led communication courses for 4,000+ participants.


Since joining the Working Voices team in 2012, Jessi has authored virtual courses and customized in-person sessions to meet the needs of participants ranging from Analysts to Executive Directors. By creating an environment in the training room that allows for participants to take risks, receive thoughtful feedback, and explore tangible tools to create meaningful change, she has contributed to the advancement of countless careers.  

Jessi has valuable experience in a variety of challenging and enriching training environments, from resiliency-training programs for troops returning home from deployment, to training programs for disabled adults, and conflict-resolution coaching programs.


“Thank you for the very successful training sessions, the feedback I’ve received has all been positive.”

“We were so impressed with Jessi’s enduring enthusiasm and energy throughout the day, she definitely helped inspire people to pay attention and learn!”