Jay Rhoderick Based in New York


Qualifications & Experience:

20 years’ training and coaching experience, certified completion of Coach Training Program at the TAI Group, Bachelor of Arts & Certified Writing Coach, Master Trainer at Second City Theatre, Graduate of a 2-year conservatory program at The William Esper Studio.


A veteran of two decades developing professionals in business, education, and the arts, Jay specializes in team alignment, helping bridge communication between groups’ disparate areas of expertise, and in developing confident and flexible leaders.

Jay’s achievements include: designing a customized communications training curriculum for a major music/entertainment conglomerate, privately coaching Managing Director and Director-level executive clients at the world’s largest financial services firms, facilitating a media relations bootcamp for Olympic athletes, inaugurating and leading an innovative program for high-potential tech leaders at a major credit card firm, and designing and leading intensive developmental retreats for the Chamber of Commerce. Through all this and more, Jay works to make business learning practical and sustainable.


“Jay was a great speaker – very personable, interactive and a pleasure to have as a trainer.”

“Taking the course with Jay was really useful, I will be recommending him to others”