Julia Davies


Qualifications & Experience:

30 years’ training and coaching experience, the last 10 spent training and coaching both large and small groups (and individuals in the 1:1 learning environment), more or less exclusively in global corporates within the financial services sector in EMEA, APAC and the Americas.


Julia is an interpersonal communications trainer, women’s counsellor and mentor. She has extensive, hands-on experience: eighteen years as a Personal Financial Advisor and Women’s Counsellor; eight years as the Training and Quality Head of a major charity fundraiser.

Julia knows how to challenge people to stretch themselves to achieve things they couldn’t imagine they were capable of. They walk out of the room with confidence they didn’t know they had, inspired to reach their professional goals. She has created training programmes focused on continuous personal development and addressing the changing status of women (modules which attracted radio and TV interest).


“It has been truly inspirational. I know when training is good when the team come out buzzing and talking about how then can build on it.” 

“Julia gave me exactly what I needed to recognise my accomplishments and capabilities, and therefore be confident.”

“I have learnt an incredible amount and truly believe it will make a significant difference to how I approach things in both my personal and work life.”