Julia Davies Product Manager

Julia’s hands-on experience makes her very much in demand as a coach.

She has been helping people fulfil their potential her whole working life. From Women’s Counsellor, Mentor, Training and Quality Manager, she has motivated and inspired people to develop, grow and become more confident.

Her work as a Personal Financial Advisor and Women’s Counsellor led to the development of workshops addressing the changing status of women, which attracted the attention of the national press resulting in a series of radio and TV broadcasts.

Inspiring, motivational and funny, her ability to encourage continuous personal development are just a few of the qualities Julia will bring to your coaching sessions.

That’s Julia the trainer and coach.  But her skills go much further.  As a key player in our Projects Team she works with Working Voices operations globally, and with our clients globally, to design training solutions.  Her experience as a trainer and coach is invaluable to this role.  It allows her to bring practical classroom knowledge – what works well, what works not so well – to the design process.