Nick Smallman Founder & CEO

Nick’s expertise lies in helping clients find their authentic selves so that they can communicate in a powerful and appealing way. After a successful career in sales in the City of London, Nick founded Working Voices in 1998. Successful selling is of course grounded in excellent interpersonal skills and getting this simple but potent message across was Working Voices’ mission. In other words, Nick set out to change the way business people communicated.

Working Voices is now a global brand with permanent representation across the Americas, EMEA and APAC and a client list boasting some of the world’s most successful global enterprises. And behind it all, Nick’s entrepreneurial flair driving it forward even when that meant doing what many thought was unthinkable – branching out into the US after the Lehman Brothers collapse being a case in point.

Nick believes coaching is most effective when it is fun, philosophically challenging, spontaneous and entertaining. The methodology he’s developed has been proven time and again with leaders and innovators from all over the world. It’s a methodology that has now propelled Working Voices into the arena of thought leadership. During the 2015 UK election Nick was regularly asked for comment on the communication styles of the party leaders and how their messages might affect voters.

Nick didn’t become a communications specialist out of the blue. He is a trained classical actor who gained his performance credentials not only on the stage but also on the testing London stand-up comedy circuit. He maintains his interest in the performing arts as an executive producer of independent films.

Otherwise his particular interest lies in US politics. It’s a profound interest that goes back 25 years but one fuelled over recent years by his frequent work and stays in the States. He believes that political communication must continue to evolve as electorates become more sophisticated. Only politicians with real authenticity will make it through the storm of social media and 24-hour news.

Every person and every situation benefits from better communication skills. Better communication skills are Nick’s expertise, his passion and his gift.