Nick Smallman Founder & CEO

Nick founded Working Voices 20 years ago on the simple premise that business success is grounded in the excellent interpersonal communication skills of any organisation. This simple, but potent message became Working Voices’ mission.

Working Voices is now a global brand with permanent representation across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. It has a client list boasting some of the most successful worldwide enterprises: JPMorgan, Sony, Barclays, Burberry, Pfizer, HSBC and Goldman Sachs to name but a few. Nick’s bold entrepreneurial flair constantly drives the business forward, as when he successfully branched out into the US just after the Lehman Brothers’ collapse.

As a successful thought leader, he’s a voracious consumer of books, articles, video and other media. Nick has lectured at London and Columbia Business Schools is highly objective and possesses acute questioning skills that enable him to identify issues in companies before they happen.  Of course, he’s also an adept listener, having realised he learns far more from listening to others than he does from listening to himself.

During the 2015 UK election Nick was regularly asked by the TV and radio networks to comment on the communication styles of the party leaders and how their messages might affect voters.  His other passion lies in US politics and he was an informal advisor during the 2016 Presidential Election. In 2019 Nick will be publishing his first book Bewildered which is an exploration of human vulnerabilities to manipulation in the modern world.