Nick Fordham Based in Hong Kong


Qualifications & Experience:

10 years’ training and coaching experience, ICF Certified Organisational Coach, Bachelor of Arts (History) University of Oxford , Diploma (Performing Arts), Webber Douglas Academy.


Nick is rapidly becoming one of Hong Kong’s most sought after soft-skills trainers. He brings to his sessions not only a coach’s ability to identify issues and facilitate change, but also the infectious energy and enthusiasm of a professionally trained actor. His sessions are always inspiring, informative and engaging. 

Running workshops, developing tailored programmes, delivering podium talks in auditoriums, coaching Directors, MDs and CEOs for crucial tasks, it’s all work that Nick not only takes in his stride but loves to do. Nick has also helped design and run regional leadership programmes for some of our largest global customers.


“Nick is a brilliant communicator and provides individual focused training which has a deep impact on people.”

“Nick brings huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to his training sessions and has received positive feedback on his one-to-one sessions with members of staff.”

“People were highly engaged, and Nick got across a number of learning points which are critical for our daily work.”