Charlie Schroeder Based in Hong Kong


Qualifications & Experience:

21 years’ corporate training experience, professional journalist (NY Times, LA Times, NPR), professional actor, Bachelor of Arts, Bates College Maine, US.


Charlie has many years as a trainer, coach and facilitator under his belt and a recognised expertise in all three. His background in the print media, as a teacher and as a trained actor gives him the skill set, fluency and bearing, essential to a trainer of leadership and allied interpersonal skills.

Putting his communication skills to good use, Charlie has worked on high-profile training events including diversity and inclusion and leadership programmes.  He has also helped with the development of Working Voices courses.


“The feedback has been excellent – the exercises and the tips were extremely practical and very beneficial. Exactly what we were looking for!”

“Your session was truly amazing. You gave us a lot of techniques which I will remember forever. One of the best sessions I’ve attended.”

“There was a great energy in the office and the feedback has been very positive”