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Specialist To Generalist

It can be daunting when moving into a position of leadership from one of support, or moving into a wider position of leadership from a more task orientated place. Usually (although there are of course exceptions), initial progression into the leadership structure sees an individual retain their specialism and advance to a managerial or supervisory … Continued

How to Be a Good Team Player

  A successful team isn’t necessary filled with brilliant leaders, nor obedient followers. A team usually needs a good balance of members, full of initiative but also a willingness to be managed and led. Usually in a team there is one clear leader, with most team members taking directives from them. We can’t all be … Continued

People Power – Working Better Together

  I find it very difficult to face the news recently – whether it’s on the TV or in the papers – I simply can’t bear the world’s suffering. But, there was one piece of news recently that put a smile on my face; the story of goodwilled commuters in Perth, Australia. Passengers and staff … Continued