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Control & Stress

Can you control yourself, when you become stressed? Stress is something almost all of us live with at home or at work, even when trying to relax. November the 5th was stress awareness day, so there are currently lots of good tips floating around the web. Most of us can cope with one or two … Continued

Take The Stress Out Of Teamwork

Teamwork can by joyous, but can be very stressful. Sometimes there aren’t clear roles; sometimes there are too many leaders with overlapping authorities. Some teams, especially larger ones, can experience personality clashes, and differences of professional opinion that become personal. Stress is an incredibly important factor to productivity and health these days, and I think … Continued

Dogs and Stress

It’s important to how we communicate that we learn how to deal with stress, particularly what triggers stress and what works for us in coping with it. Perhaps its easy for us to believe we live in the most stressful times, with the digital age allowing us to connect to one another, and connect to … Continued

Don’t Stress About Stress

Now, if you’re a worrier like so many of us, you may be sick of people telling you that ‘it’s no use worrying’, as if any of us really thought that worrying or getting stressed did any good. Dealing with stress effectively is an important part of communication, and I’ll give some basic tips later. … Continued

Managing Stress in the Workplace

More people are looking for ways to balance their stress levels at work. One way of doing this which has arisen is doing yoga at work. All very good; excellent for keeping joints fluid, circulation moving, avoiding RSI and releasing energy and increasing concentration. Many of the clients for whom I run our Pressure to … Continued