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The Fear Effect

Fear isn’t something you’ll normally read about on blogs on LinkedIn, or in the sort of books about how to improve leadership or management skills. I can’t think of any speakers who would tell an audience of MBAs that their key tool should be fear, or any business consultants who’d sniff around a firm and … Continued

Coaching Leadership and the Myth of the Magic Bullet

Whispered in the hallways of corporate training facilities all over the globe is the demand for a magic bullet. A secret ingredient or special sauce that is going to unlock the keys to leadership, mastery of Emotional Intelligence, or developing executive presence. I see well-meaning conscientious professionals scouring the bookstores. Eagerly devouring the latest leadership … Continued

Equality in Leadership

If you’re familiar with The Avengers series of films, which started with Captain America, you might also be familiar with the Wonder Woman controversy. Wonder Woman appears in the line-up of the avengers, but unlike most her male superhero counterparts, she hasn’t gotten her own movie. That isn’t because she’s some sort of diva – … Continued

Failure Is Good

I was reading an article on about leadership the other day, and it gave three pieces of advice on how companies can inspire leadership. The first little segment was entitled ‘Welcome Risk-Taking’. I couldn’t agree more. The risk-taking the article was referring to wasn’t suggesting companies should allow their employees to be reckless, but … Continued

New Year’s Resolution

Over Thanksgiving vacation, my partner Gene shared an article he’d been reading at Brittney Cooper, a feminist author, was disagreeing with the assertions of a article by Michelle Cottle, another feminist author. The subject? Michelle Obama, and whether she was a First Lady of achievement or disappointment. Both articles bugged me—but not because … Continued

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