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Respect and Empathy

I often say it is very easy to spot people in businesses that have not had any training, as a friend of mine recently found out. A friend called me up the other day, as she wanted to tell me about a terrible meeting experience. Before I go any further I must give you a … Continued

Empathising With Icons

Sometimes, an actor’s portrayal of someone real is just so lifelike or evocative; you forget you’re watching a work of fiction at all.  I do at least. Reading an article in Total Film this morning got me thinking about how actors manage to become versions of people who have existed in history. Meryl Streep was … Continued

Empathy Index: “My” problem versus “Yours”

Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix, got into hot water in July for hiking service rates, up to 60% in some cases, without any warning or explanation to his customers. The move has customers and casual observers alike questioning Hastings’ empathy. So this week Hastings sent this explanation to Netflix’s 24 million customers. You … Continued