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Finding Your Inner Voice

I was coaching someone recently who described their first day at school when they were 12 years old. He said, he was a skinny kid with a terrible stammer and the teacher asked his name in front of the class; he couldn’t get it out of his mouth, in terror he ran out of the … Continued

Confidence in Restraint

I was reading a cool piece in the current New Yorker on Scarlett Johansson. Yes I know, a movie star, but it was a cool riff that got me thinking about youth, stardom, womanhood, mystique and controlling one’s own image and persona. It got me thinking about confidence, especially as it pertains to younger women. … Continued

Finding Your Authentic Voice

Here is a top tip on Presentation Skills: When standing up in front of an audience to present, you should always imagine that there is a line drawn on the floor immediately in front of your feet. And when the time has come to begin – at the precise moment when you decide it is … Continued