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Communication – The Keystone of Business

Communication skills are perhaps the most important assets a leader can possess, not only in business but in any other field too. In 2014 an independent advisory body headed by Professor Sir Roy Anderson concluded that there needed to be more emphasis upon, “team working, emotional maturity, empathy and other interpersonal skills” in secondary education … Continued

The Power Of Emma Watson’s Speech

Much has been said in the past week of Emma Watson’s speech at the UN, concerning gender equality. I thought it might be interesting to post the speech here and say a few things about it from a communication standpoint. Firstly, Watson was obviously nervous, something we all are familiar with when giving presentations; and … Continued

Be Prepared

Just like the scouts, you should always be prepared when going in for an interview, talk, when meeting clients, and generally when communicating with anyone. Nothing inhibits the strength of your personal impact like not knowing something you should know, or seeming that way – and whilst the two are very different, their effect is … Continued

The Big Dog Destroys the GOP

Recently conventions have become no more than glorified infomercials with each speaker being tightly scripted and all the attendees being encouraged to look engaged and cheer at the right moments. This year is no different. With this dynamic in play how do Political parties make a difference to the polls? The answer is to have … Continued

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