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Pitch Perfect

As a leading communication skills training company, it can be tricky sometimes to go to a presentation or pitch and not be wearing a critical hat. A colleague and I recently attended the Pardot breakfast meeting as we are exploring marketing automation systems. The breakfast meeting was interesting as it focused on getting the most … Continued

How To Manage Your Personal Brand

We hear people using the term Personal Brand all the time – not just in L&D circles, but how do you manage your personal brand? Here one of our trainers, John, gives his own thoughts:   The first step is to want to! Thinking about who is important within our target market and how it … Continued

Personal Brand: Why Is It Important?

Personal brand is a phrase that has been tossed around for quite some time in the world of training and image analysis. So what is personal brand? Here one of our trainers, John, gives his own thoughts: Like it or not, we all have our own brand; a personal “product portfolio” which we present to … Continued

Howard Schultz – Leading Starbucks Authentically

I arrived this morning at Canary Wharf, early, and I think about where I can sit and do some work.  I find myself in the Starbucks under Canada Square, which I have been to quite a lot, and then I open up this article about Howard Schultz and what he is doing for his employees. … Continued

Follow That – The Poor Quality Of The Republican Rebuttal

I’m in New York right now and have just watched a very accomplished State of the union speech by President Obama. For a President with falling approval ratings he gave a masterful performance that reminded me of why he got re-elected in 2012. His speech was very well written, full of passion, personal stories and … Continued

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