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Don’t Stress About Stress

Now, if you’re a worrier like so many of us, you may be sick of people telling you that ‘it’s no use worrying’, as if any of us really thought that worrying or getting stressed did any good. Dealing with stress effectively is an important part of communication, and I’ll give some basic tips later. … Continued

Stress and Communication – Tips to lighten the load

We’re constantly told that we live in stressful times, or that the modern world is more stressful than its ever been, or that stress is the number one cause of everything bad. Sometimes I wonder if every generation thought their lives were more stressful than the one before. Put it in perspective and we probably … Continued

A Knight to remember

Anyone who has read my biography will know that I also dabble in the world of showbiz. Towards the end of 2012 I had the chance to produce and direct a short play which was being recorded for radio. A couple of the challenges I faced brought me directly into contact with the techniques I … Continued

A quality agenda…

I recently took part in a couple of days of meetings where we were writing material deliverable to clients. What was notable about the vibe of the meetings themselves, though, was the quality of interpersonal communication and the clarity of the agenda set by the meetings’ organizer. The tone of the interpersonal communication was friendly, … Continued

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