Steve Jobs back to unveil the iPad2

It is great to see Steve Jobs return from medical leave to present the launch of the much anticipated iPad2.

Have a look at the video for an object lesson in structuring and delivering a brilliant presentation. First thing to notice is that it takes 5 minutes. He doesn’t have to go into the minute details of the iPad2, how it works, what they did to it and what it all means. He lets you work out the impact that this is going to have on the world. This means he speaks to you, the listener, like an intelligent adult. Many presentations I have seen patronise or try too hard to impress the audience. Jobs states facts and leaves the implications to you.

Secondly it is clearly structured; each slide defines a new topic from processing speed, to design and cameras. Having described the dramatically enhanced power, the head spinning moment is that they have done all this and made it 33% thinner. He builds the communication up to crescendo around the iPad2’s usability and stresses that it beats other tablets coming onto the market – and it’s thinner than your iPhone4!

He uses powerful language, “beautiful, dramatic, legendary, scale, preserved”. This creates excitement and awe in the presentation. It engages the audience and describes the extent of the device’s ability.

Finally, the strong finish is a simple message about the price (which remains exactly the same as the original iPad). It leaves a lingering message with the audience. Having just bought one in the States the price-point is somewhat galling to me!

Either way, though, Jobs has crafted the ending to be as strong as the opening, which public speakers do not always do!

What if all meetings and presentations in your business were this effective?

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