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Companies depend on their people and thrive when relationships among their employees are strong and positive. So, the big question is: how do we achieve “strong and positive” relationships in the workplace? Some might answer good leadership skills, others robust company values, while others say it’s all down to education and training; they are all correct.

We are going to focus on the education and training aspect of developing strong and positive relationships.
The first step to develop a strong team is to ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the end goal and their role in the process towards achieving that goal.

If your team are working together for the first time it is wrong to assume that they will all get along. It is at this point you might want to organise some training focused on how to build trust and working together collaboratively. This will give your team members the opportunity to showcase their strengths and work together in a relaxed and fun environment, which will enable new relationships to flourish.

Below are three of our courses designed to create better working relationships.


Emotional Intelligence – how to identify different personalities and how to be flexible and work better with them.


Teambuilding – how to build trust and work collaboratively.


Effective Global Communication – how to address the cultural and geographical challenges that come from being in a global team.

Working better together Videos

Enjoy some tips from Gene Douglas, Paul Hill and Jay Rhoderick on how to work effectively with a team virtually or face-to-face. These digital course notes are FREE when you book an Effective Global Communication course.

Working Voices Digital is a new and innovative product which blends Working Voices’ in the room training with follow up bite-size, modular video reminders and exercises, which enable delegates to embed their learning after they’ve left the classroom.

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Working better together Resources

Emotions Revealed

Emotions Revealed

- By Paul Ekman

In this very practical book, Paul Ekman helps the reader to observe the underlying, concealed emotions that we can observe in those around us, and understand why our bodies react in the ways they do.

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