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Our spotlight this month focuses on Personal Impact with embedded learning, our exclusive solution to blended training.

One of Working Voices most popular courses is our Personal Impact course – having a positive impact at work is an integral part of business life and helps pave the way to a successful career.

Below are some practical tips on questions we are frequently asked when coaching Personal Impact, you might recognise a few.

Q – I have trouble articulating in meetings, how do I overcome this?
A – Ask for a copy of the agenda beforehand; this way you have time to think about your questions or your answers and any points you might want to raise. This will make you feel more confident and will come across in your voice and body language.

Q – I find that the hardest part of my presentations is knowing how to start, how do I capture my audience’s interest?
A – Firstly, don’t worry you’re not alone, this is a common problem and one that’s easily fixed. One way to get people to listen is to make your introduction powerful so that you get people sitting up in their seats – start with a brief anecdote or a fact.

Q – I get so nervous about approaching people at networking events, how can I overcome this?
A – You must practice your personal introduction and decide before an event which people you would like to meet. Secondly, go up to people, don’t wait for them to come to you, do not hover it makes you look indecisive.

If you need help articulating in meetings, getting people’s attention when presenting and approaching groups of people at networking events please speak to someone in your Human Resources or Learning and Development department to enroll on this course. Alternatively, call us directly for some 1:1 executive coaching.

Personal Impact Videos

Embed your learning with our revolutionary Personal Impact digital course notes

Working Voices Digital is a new and innovative product which blends Working Voices’ in the room training with follow up bite-size, modular video reminders and exercises, which enable delegates to embed their learning after they’ve left the classroom.

Keep an eye on our "2014 Video Release Timeline” which shows you, on a monthly basis, how many videos we have released.

To give you a little taster please take a look at Jay Rhoderick's introduction to our bite–size videos for Personal Impact.

Personal Impact Posts

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Personal Impact Resources

The must read book on Personal impact is…

Personal Impact: What It Takes to Make a Difference

- By Amanda Vickers, Steve Bavister, Jackie Smith

Achieving what you want in life depends largely on the impact you have on others. You only get one first impression, but in today’s world, people are so busy and distracted that it’s harder than ever to make a real impact on someone’s life. Personal Impact tells you everything you need to know to be able to connect with people quickly, easily and powerfully. This book is packed with practical hints and tips that you can put to use immediately.

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