Confidence Training

It’s all about YOU this month. We have chosen to focus on confidence this month because if you want to get ahead in the workplace it is essential to have confidence. You might be a capable and well-liked employee but it will be harder for you to get noticed if you lack confidence.

This page has been created to give you some hints and tips on developing your confidence.

A good place to start is to put some time aside to think about…

  • your personal brand (the way people perceive you)
  • your personal impact (the way people are influenced by you through your communication style)
  • your personal image (the way people see you)

To understand more about personal brand and personal impact you could read the course outlines (see links in the sidebar). Alternatively, why don’t you speak to someone in your Human Resources or Learning and Development department about attending one of these confidence training courses?

The big Qs

It’s important to address what makes you feel self-conscious, so ask yourself the question, “what makes me feel insecure or self-conscious in the workplace?”.

Now think about possible solutions – what can you do to fix the problem?

It’s important to focus on the positives so write down your talents and abilities and work out a plan to use these more in the workplace.

Confidence Training Videos

Enjoy the videos we have selected this month; the overall theme from each video is "being prepared". By being prepared you will be more confident in meetings, when delivering presentations and networking at events.

More video clips are available free of charge when you book a Foundation Presentation Skills course. Below is some feedback on our digital course notes.

“Thank you Working Voices Digital for my amazing course notes, I can watch them any time or anywhere on my iPhone and Jennifer’s 'think like a reporter' video proved to be really helpful to me while I was preparing for a presentation the other day” - Monique

Confidence Training Posts

Below are four interesting blogs about confidence, happiness and personal brand. Using our expertise, observations and experience we’re constantly adding to our blog library to provide our readers with educational information.

Respect and Empathy

I often say it is very easy to spot people in businesses that have not had any training, as a friend of mine recently found out. A friend called me up the other day, as she wanted to tell me about a terrible meeting experience. Before I go any further I must give you a … Continued

The Overconfidence Effect

We all know what overconfidence is, and we all probably know people who are often overconfident, but what it the overconfidence effect? Essentially it’s where a person’s confidence in themselves is greater than their actual ability. Someone who is extremely confident and extremely able might not be aptly described as overconfident but rather, simply arrogant. … Continued

Confidence Training Resources

The three must-read books on confidence, see below: –