Each month we bring together videos, blog posts, articles and resources focused on a particular issue concerning interpersonal communication skills…

Influencing Skills

Jennifer Logue is an experienced and inspirational coach who heads up our New York team. Jennifer owns the influencing and persuading space and in this month’s spotlight Jennifer is going to give us some advice on how to influence when time and resources are sparse. Click here for more information on our Influencing skills courses. … Continued

Personal Brand

John Mabberley is an incredible trainer, coach and speaker. A 30-year career as a City banker saw John hold senior positions in Private Banking and Wealth Management. Personal Brand is one of John’s favourite subjects to train/coach, as he believes strongly a key component to a successful career is identifying your Personal Brand. In this … Continued

Managing Workplace Pressure

Andy Day is calm, erudite and assured. He is an educator through and through with particular expertise in Personal Impact, Networking Skills, Pressure Management and Business Writing. In this month’s spotlight Andy is going to give us some useful advice on how we identify and manage pressure in the workplace. Click here for more information … Continued


Tom Cassidy is one of our senior communication skills coaches and he owns the Networking Space. Tom not only teaches and coaches Networking skills to professionals but he makes networking look like an art. The reason so many of us hate networking and are bad at it is because we don’t know how to do … Continued

Effective Global Communication

Paul Hill is energetic, intellectual and enthusiastic. He brings a wealth of experience to our team and he is very popular with our clients. Paul is an expert in the following Business Writing, Presentation Skills, Voice Coaching, Interpersonal Skills and Speaking at Events. Today’s global teams more often than not meet via telephone, conference calls … Continued

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