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Social Wellbeing promotes unity, and protects productivity, by building confidence. People who feel socially secure at work are more likely to perform to their best ability. Recent developments such as hybrid working underline the need for inclusive working practices that ensure individuals feel at home within the team. Maintaining workflow while safeguarding against overwork and unsustainable practices, Social Wellbeing reduces burnout and presenteeism by championing a shared understanding of human needs.      

Tom Cassidy

With an MSc in psychological coaching and a BSc in psychology, Tom’s approach as a trainer, a coach, and a thought leader is informed by science and the latest L&D developments. He is a skilled executive coach and provides supportive yet challenging coaching on topics such as leadership, decision-making, and driving high performance. Tom previously worked in people development for financial services, giving him an essential insight into the needs of our clients. During his time at Working Voices, he has created some of our most innovative courses, and has helped to run large-scale programmes for participants in leading financial services institutions, from graduates to senior leaders.


Masterclass agenda

Class duration: 1 hour

How leaders create culture 

Harmonise the collective efforts of individuals by developing and  communicating a sense of direction, and sharing identity and purpose.  

Hybrid working practices 

Integrate work and home life by building team cohesion. 
Maintain engagement and productivity by leveraging positive aspects of hybrid.  

The social human at work
Build collaboration and collective intelligence by understanding the links between social interaction, motivation and performance.  

Building social confidence

- Confront and tackle the limiting ideas that get in people’s way, from speaking up in meetings to chatting easily with colleagues. 

What our clients say

Social Wellbeing

By Tom Cassiy 

Free Webinar

November 22, 2022

10am GMT (duration: one hour)