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Pitch Perfect

As a leading communication skills training company, it can be tricky sometimes to go to a presentation or pitch and not be wearing a critical hat. A colleague and I recently attended the Pardot breakfast meeting as we are exploring marketing automation systems. The breakfast meeting was interesting as it focused on getting the most … Continued

Communication In A Digital World

It’s probably no surprise to you to hear that digital communication is more important than ever before.  But it’s not just important to business. Barack Obama used social media to market his message extensively, carrying out what may well have been the biggest social network marketing campaign for a politician ever, back in 2012. Twitter, … Continued

What’s that snoring? Just the Prime Minister

Some might say it backs up his personal image as someone who likes to take a break. Others might wonder if the UK Prime Minister is losing a bit of his credibility. David Cameron must be so thankful to his sister-in-law. A couple of weeks ago, his wife’s sister, Emily Sheffield, shot a rather intimate … Continued