Fran Lebowitz – Blackberry, iphone,and the sounds of silence!

This clip is from a new documentary film called “Public Speaking” about New York raconteur, author and humorist extraordinaire, Fran Lebowitz. In the film, she has many interesting insights on Public Speaking, Writing, Life in the Modern Age etc … but I particularly like the above clip on “Technology”. Especially her take on the perils of cell phones, texting, and email.

Firstly, let me be clear. I’m a self-proclaimed Blackberry addict but I have noticed that in the age of checking one’s email in the Amazon Rain Forest, it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to be living in the “here and now”. Listening is a skill that is cornerstone to all Working Voices communications courses. Being a good listener has never been more difficult than at present and never been more important to keeping a competitive edge.

Whenever possible, when in a meeting or speaking with someone face to face, turn your mobile device to silent and store it far away from your person. If we don’t, we might be tempted to sneak a peek so to speak and who knows what might have been revealed in that awkward pause in a negotiation or a business meeting?

So when in doubt, turn it off. Your listening skills will improve and so will your social skills. And then you can reap the benefits of a better “Metropolitan Life”!

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