Set Your Eyes To Cringe – if you are going to do something spontaneous, REHEARSE!

I’m not calling Cathy Newman a bad news presenter. In fact, I really like her. But what I am saying, that whilst this clip of her imitating YouTube sensation Gangnam style shows her to be nothing if not a good sport, it’s the sort of thing I think she would like to forget. And me. And you in two minutes.

It’s not just the grimace inducing dance and out of time singing, it’s the body language she exhibits before all this begins. It is very subtle because she is doing a masterful job of pretending that everything is ok but being a bit of a pro in this area I can see the wheels of self consciousness going round and round as she builds towards the dance. Obviously under duress (or at least I hope so), Newman is living proof of the old adage of sticking to what you are good at as spontaneous bursts of creativity always look better in your head than in real life. We all make the mistake of thinking that things will be easier than they are.  People who have made them look easy have done a huge amount of practice before hand.

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